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Afterglow 36″X48″



Acrylic, watercolor, ink, and mica pigment on canvas.

Can be rotated and hung in any direction giving you the option of four different paintings.

I’m proud to share this new series of textured abstract paintings that I’ve dreamt of creating for years. It wasn’t until recently when I began exploring the diverse possibilities of new mediums such as, watercolor, ink and pure raw pigments that I developed the tools and experience necessary to bring my vision to life on canvas.

The creation process developed gradually over several months. Working flat on the floor, I began by applying individual thin layers of watercolor and transparent inks to the surface of the canvas letting each one pool and swirl creating spontaneous patterns of energy and flow as they dried. I used the transparency of these layers to create an ethereal vibrancy and glow from deep within the painting.

Using the fluid underpainting as inspiration for the final composition, layers of acrylic paint were applied using a variety of techniques and tools making each piece unique and impossible to recreate.

Iridescent mica powder was applied to strategic areas in between layers to create a soft shimmer which can only be seen from certain viewpoints, adding to the magic and intrigue of these paintings.

Lastly, sumptuous layers of thick impasto marks were applied using my signature style of textural palette knife work.

Perhaps deceptively simple from afar, these paintings invite you closer and pause to explore their seductive surfaces and mysterious layers. Take a deep breath, lean in and you too will discover new hidden treasures each time you experience this work of art.


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Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 52 × 40 × 4 in

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