New Abstract Paintings

Colorful nature inspired geometric art

Inspired by growth, renewal and the beauty of nature, three new colorful abstract paintings are available for purchase in my online gallery.

Green and blue abstract acrylic painting with oval geometric shapes by Canadian abstract artist Melissa McKinnon painted with palette knife and impasto texture hanging in a light contemporary living room.

‘Growth’ 48″x36″

If you’ve been following my painting practice, you’ll know that I’ve been pushing myself (pretty faaaar) out of my comfort zone recently. Experimenting with new techniques, gathering courage to take wild chances and risk of losing all of the progress I’ve made on a painting in search of something even better. (I’ve never had so many failed paintings. They are all currently sitting  facing a wall in the corner of my studio waiting until I ‘figure them out’).

But you know what, the process itself is thrilling and I look forward to and embrace this challenge.

I’ve never felt so certain that I’m just about to discover something incredible and yet so very lost at the same time. It’s certainly a time of growth for me and growing pains can be uncomfortable.

In between moments shouting Eureka!, long bouts of despair, and letting puddles of paint dry for hours on the canvas, I took a break from the paintings in progress. 

During those break times, my daughter and niece would visit me in the studio in-between shifts at their homemade slime + lemonade stand. They’d let loose with pools of paint on large blank canvases.

Artist painting abstract art in studio

“Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once they grow up” – Picasso

Creativity is never more pure than when flowing from a child. Free from rules, pesky inner critics and critical eyes. They paint exactly how they feel, present in the moment. Believe me, I took notes while watching them.

The beautiful thing was, like the sand paintings of Tibetan monks, when the girls were satisfied with their experience they erased all of their beautiful work and covered it with paint. 

A beautiful reminder – the joy is in the doing, not the end result. 

A few days later, inspired by the dried canvases, I hung them on the wall and began painting on them myself. Stroke by stroke, layer by layer, beautiful and intricate compositions started to emerge.

‘Renewal’ 48″x36″

The main colors were already on my palette and each time I’d reload my knife and apply it to the painting, the colors continued to mix on the canvas creating spontaneous one of a kind blends that could never be replicated.

This time in the studio was a welcome reprieve that allowed me to slow down and enjoy the meditative process. The finished paintings are a visual record of this experience.

I have three new original abstract paintings on canvas available for purchase. Created with a palette knife and thick impasto texture, the myriad of deep blue and purple hues transform into a glowing array of bright and earthy greens, symbolic of growth and renewal. A gentle reminder to embrace the present moment and be accepting of inevitable change.

These paintings can be hung both vertically and horizontally in all four directions. Offering multiple compositions and points of view in each piece.

The painted image wraps onto the sides of the canvas so framing is optional but not necessary. International shipping is available and they arrive wired, ready to hang. 

Close up of the texture and color blends in the painting ‘Crimson’ 36″x36″

This particular canvas was started in 2014. It began during my abstract tree series but I never quite figured out how to progress the painting into a finished piece. So there it sat in waiting (much like my current collection of troublesome paintings in progress). 

While working on ‘Growth’ and Renewal’ I caught sight of it from the corner of my eye and instantly knew what it would become. A crimson rose, much like the ones that have been blooming all summer long outside my studio window. 

Moments like these reassure me that all the time spent questioning and doubting myself are worth it in the end. Just like the many mysteries of the universe, life has a way of working itself out. When the timing is right, we too shall bloom.

‘Crimson’ 36″x36″

So this Thanksgiving weekend while sitting around the table with family and friends I was not only grateful for our good health and even better company but for the freedom and opportunity to be present in the moment through all of life’s ups and downs.

To challenge myself to grow as an artist and as a human, taking time when needed to rest and renew. To be honest, I didn’t fully understand the significance of this work and why it came into being until typing these very words. It gives me great comfort to be able to share this part of myself and connect with you through art.

I hope these paintings inspire you to take a moment for yourself to reflect on the many blessings present in your own life.

‘Crimson’ 36″x36″

I invite you to explore more from this series of abstract paintings and prints in my shop and consider bringing a work of art into your home.

If you’d like to inquire about a specific painting in this series or have questions about my artistic process, please feel free to reach out. I’m always eager to connect with fellow art enthusiasts and share the stories behind each piece.

Thank you for being here and for allowing my art to be a part of your world. Wishing you and your loved ones a happy thanksgiving and a blooming life full of growth and renewal. 

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