Painting Autumn Trees

A new collection of fall inspired aspen and birch tree forest paintings, vibrantly colored and thickly textured. 

Crisp cool air, chunky knitted sweaters, and freshly painted trees – autumn has arrived!

As October paints our world in warm hues and a cool breeze whispers through the leaves, I find myself captivated by the enchantment of autumn here in Calgary. It’s a time when nature reveals its most dazzling colors, and our world is bathed in a tapestry of vibrant reds, oranges, and yellows.

It’s a moment of intense beauty and it’s this very moment that ignites my desire to capture the essence of this magical season on canvas. 

Portrait of contemporary Canadian landscape artist Melissa McKinnon painting in her studio with a new collection of large colorful aspen and birch tree forest paintings.

Each painting is a unique expression of my love for the fall season. Painted with a palette knife and a symphony of vivid colors, they capture the vibrancy of autumn in thick, textured layers.

Oil painting of aspen trees and birch trees in colorful spring forest by Canadian landscape artist Melissa McKinnon hanging in an white contemporary living room

‘Birch Bounty II’ 20″x16″

Original painting for sale of aspen trees and birch trees in autumn forest by Canadian abstract artist Melissa McKinnon hanging in an white contemporary living room

‘Journey Into Autumn IV’ 16″x20″

I felt compelled to paint various sizes attempting to capture the different elements and experiences that I enjoy about being in nature. Starting with a close up and intimate study of the colorful trees on 16″x20″ canvases all the way up to the full body emersive experience of a 72″x48″ forest that makes you feel as if you can walk right into the painting.

Large painting of aspen trees and birch trees in autumn forest by Melissa McKinnon Canadian landscape artist hanging in an elegant contemporary dining room

‘Autumn Everlast’ 72″x48″

Two of my favorite artworks from this collection are the extended vertical formats of 30″x60″. This dramatic size emphasizes the tall, slender nature of the elegant black and white tree trunks set against a background of lush foliage. This size is a perfect statement piece for those challenging narrow walls that often get overlooked.

Nature painting of aspen trees and birch trees in colorful autumn forest by Melissa McKinnon Canadian abstract landscape painter hanging in a modern living room

‘Autumn Chorus’ 30″x60″

I invite you to explore more from this new series in my shop and consider bringing a piece of autumn’s magic into your home. It’s an opportunity to create a connection with nature, enriching your days and inspiring you to savor all of life’s colorful moments.

If you’d like to inquire about a specific painting in this series or have questions about my artistic process, please feel free to reach out. I’m always eager to connect with fellow art enthusiasts and share the stories behind each piece.

Thank you for being a part of this incredible journey with me and for allowing my art to be a part of your world. I hope these paintings inspire you to embrace the present moment and find joy in the ever-changing colors of life.

Colorful painting of aspen trees and birch trees in autumn forest by Melissa McKinnon Canadian landscape painter

‘Among The Forest Branches’ 36″x48″

P.S. I’ve started sharing behind the scenes footage of my painting process on social media…come have a look.


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